Upload csv list to autoresponder

In this simple guide, I will show you how to upload your subscriber to your selfhosted email server.

First, on your member’s area, click on the left hand side, Lists. Once loaded, click on the name of the list that you want to upload your subscriber to… In this example, it is First List.

Then, click on the View at the tools section.

After that, at the import section, click on the View button.

You will see three option. At the CSV section, click on the Select file to import.

A popup will appear asking you to select the file. Click the Choose File button.

In case you do not know how to format the csv file, you can click on the link for an example of the file. Once you select the file, the filename will appear.

After that, click on Upload File.

Once finish uploaded, the system will automatically upload your list. You will see the screen like the above screen.

Once the list have been uploaded, you will see the percentage will turn 100%.

Hope this guide will help you.

Any other questions, feel free to let me know.



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